Golkar Real Count Result, Ahok Excellence in Four Jakarta Area

Ahok when attending real count which held Golkar Party at Jakarta, Wednesday (15/2)

Ahok when attending real count which held Golkar Party at Jakarta, Wednesday (15/2)

JAKARTA - Jakarta Golkar Party’s held a real count Jakarta governor election on Wednesday (15/2). As a result, candidate number two Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok)-Djarot Saiful Hidayat beat two other candidates.

Ahok-Djarot superior to 2,346,030 votes or 42.92 percent of the total incoming sound. Followed by Anies Baswedan-Sandiaga Uno with 2,183,424 votes (39.95 percent) and Agus Yudhoyono Harimurti-Sylviana Murni with 936,295 votes (17.13 percent).

“We mobilized 13,023 Golkar cadres. They were deployed at every polling stations. At the close of the real count, incoming voice coming from 12 964 polling stations (99.55 percent),” said Chairman of Jakarta Golkar Party, Fayakhun Andriadi in Jakarta, Wednesday (15/2) night.

According Fayakhun, from the calculation results of Jakarta election which held by Golkar Jakarta collaboration with Cyrus Network, Ahok-Djarot excel in four areas in Jakarta.

Voter participation, further Fayakhun, reached 78 percent. Golkar also became the first party in Indonesia who do the real count election. In contrast to the quick count which only take samples from 500 to 800 polling stations, real count data coming from all polling stations.

“If quick count had a margin error between 2-3 percent, depending on the percentage amount of the sample, then the real count has no margin of error,” said Fayakhun.

This real account calculation attended by top officials of Golkar Party, officials Golkar Jakarta, several ambassadors and of course Basuki T Purnama who took time to come around 16.00 pm. (En.SindoNews)

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